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    Company Profile


    Established in 1992, Guangdong Yongxin Door and Window Hardware Technology Co., Ltd is an integrated enterprise with research, development, production and marketing for 27 years, business involves in both Chinese domestic market and oversea markets by our famous brand YONGXIN.



    • We make huge investment on equipments, because keeping all equipments advanced is always our priority. "Customer Focus" and " Service Orientation" are YONGXIN's operation principle, before sales, we offer design and solution package, while we support technical guidance for installation after sales. YONGXIN pays much attention to building a long term brand image, highlighting the technical advance of YONGXIN products and the market image of lifelong quality service.
      • Reception
      • Honor wall
      • Folding Door System
      • Corridor
      • Showroom-01
      • Showroom-02
      • Assembling line
      • Assembling line2
      • Assembling line3
      • Assembling line4
      • Punching section
      • Friction stay section

    Design patent

    YONGXIN always takes the innovation of products and advance of technology as priority, making huge investment for researches and designs for new products, with unique designs and practical performance, YONGXIN brand leads the market, especially for V series, by its appearance integration design, it is awarded patents of design and practicability.

    • 新型雙向月牙鎖-實用新型專利證書
    • 新型雙向傳動鎖盒-實用新型專利證書
    • 新型分體式勾鎖-實用新型專利證書
    • 新型底扣式門窗把手-實用新型專利證書
    • 雙向月牙鎖-外觀設計專利證書
    • 門執手-外觀設計專利證書

    Hot Sale Products


    Advantages of Accessaries

    Fulfill customized demand by performances meeting or even higher than industry standard

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